Stop Dieting and Start Eating Intuitively

Learn how to pursue health without intentional weight loss or dieting while working virtually with a non-diet registered dietitian!

Welcome to Intuitively Nourished RD!

Are you someone who:

  • Cannot imagine going on another diet, yet you want to improve your health?
  • Wants to stop being afraid of certain foods?
  • Would like more time to spend on what really matters instead of tracking your food intake and sticking to a strict exercise routine?
  • Desires a better relationship with your body, no matter its size?

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Kourtney Johnson, and I am a non-diet registered dietitian. That means I believe in living a full life with habits that promote health without intentional weight loss.

Diets Don't Work

It is a known fact that weight-loss diets don’t work, despite what the diet industry and some medical professionals tell us. Our bodies’ main job is to survive, and so they see inadequate food intake as starvation mode, even if we eat less on purpose.

Our bodies are smart enough to put measures into place to stop permanent weight loss, including making you feel hungry in an effort to promote more food intake when dieting, and slowing down your metabolism to save energy when it has less energy (calories) coming in.

What's the Solution?

So what are we to do if diets don’t work? It takes a shift in mindset and habits to get out of the diet culture trap. This includes following the principles of Intuitive Eating, a program developed by registered dietitians to live a life free of dieting while making peace with all foods, finding movement you truly enjoy and respecting your body, whatever its size.

Intuitively Nourished RD is a resource for you to learn more about living a life free from dieting and be inspired to take action so you can live your best, happiest life!

If you’ve started your Intuitive Eating journey and realize you need guidance, or if you want to start but aren’t sure how, know that I offer 1:1 virtual coaching on Intuitive Eating!

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This journal will allow you to:
  • Think about risks associated with continued dieting
  • Reflect on how you can set boundaries when people comment on your body and food intake
  • Consider the pros and cons of dieting vs those related to a life free from dieting
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